Photo Cred: Blank Slate Photography

Hi there, thanks for popping by! My name is Amy Klassen, and I am a fourth year student in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina in the Middle Years (6-9) program.

I am one of those people who get excited about the small things: finishing the last chapter in a book, spending time with my family, learning a new song on my ukulele, and spending a relaxing evening with my husband. Many of these things I wish I could do more of, but we all know how time slips away.

Right now I am on a journey towards becoming a teacher. Often, when I tell people that I am studying in the middle years program I get a lot of surprised looks and refrains of “Oh wow. That’s brave of you!” I never know quite how to respond to this except to say that its that age group of students that I love interacting with the most.

Lots of these students are looking to find a place to belong and a place to be themselves or maybe to discover who they are becoming. So brave or not, as a teacher, I hope to create a space where my students can do just that. Whether it’s through learning or through classroom interactions and relationships, my aim is to make all of my students feel welcomed and valued.

At this point I’m still at the beginning of my journey. There’s still a lot of growth to happen and experience to gain. Thanks for joining me as I explore the world of teaching!

Amy Klassen


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